Full Version: Marvelous Twilight released!
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Windows version

Our own entry to the Shmup-Dev Autofire Shooter Compo.

A 2 player manic-shooter in the likes of Strikers 1945, Dodon Patchi and a cute-em-up from the likes of Parodius and Harmful Park.


This game uses an original RFG system. ®apid (F)ire (G)rowth. This system
does not rely on power-ups that you can get by killing enemies. Instead you power up
your fire power by continously pressing the fire key. The RFG meter will slowly
go up when you press the fire button. As the meter levels up, your fire power will increase. Stop firing and your meter goes back to zero.
Once you RFG meter reaches level 6, the RFG gauge will blink and your character
will fire either the wave beam (Rhemi) or the Homing missiles(Teija). Having a full
RFG meter would allow you to fire your special shots:
"Jelly deflector". This acts as a shield and stops the enemies' bullets.
It also deflects bullets to the enemies and damages them 3 times the
original bullet energy. This also acts as a score multiplier.
"Borken laser". This is a fast homing laser that damages enemies
continously until the enemy dies or the laser looses energy. Also acts
as a score multiplier. Destroys all active bullets on screen at an
instant for defensive puposes.


[Image: mt_boss1.jpg]