Full Version: What happened to the other forums?
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The forum index seems quite smaller. What happened to the other 4 or so forums?
They were stolen by hackers. Hired by Microsoft, no doubt.
We decided to join some of the forums:

*) Fb News and Qb News
*) QB in General, FB General and General/Misc
*) QB Newbie Help and QB Programming Help.

They were obsolete and had very little activity in themselves (except for the General/Misc ofcourse), and made the board look dead (well, more so).
I think it was a good call to unite some forums. *thumbs up*
Agreed. Good idea.
Yes, good idea indeed.
You're just gluing leaves onto dead branches. If it's dying, it's dying. There's nothing you can do about it.
No, its like trimming off the dying leaves so the plant puts all the energy into the good leaves.
it's like bonsai
You're supposed to be programmers, not botanists!
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