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Still kicking...

PCopy! Issue 30

From The Editors
Quote of the Month
News and Neat BASIC Projects
Exit Issue

Competitions and Challenges
Game Competition: Asses of Fire

Articles & Editorials
Travellin in a BASIC land
Free Brutus2D
mafSOFT - Mapixelator Preview
Lesser-Known Basic Languages, Part 2.
Hartnell's Lost Article
Interview with Richard D. Clark
20 Minutes into the Future...

Database Design - A Complete Study

E.K.Virtanen, MystikShadows, Hartnell, Richard D.Clark, TheMusicalAbuser

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Thanks, E.K.Virtanen
I'm kinda disappointed with the last two issues. I think it's obvious now that you are not giving FreeBASIC products the deserved attention (at least in your utilities/games articles and news brief). Nothing on Antiman and Star Cage in the last two numbers. So I'm giving up on your mag. Not that this will mean anything to you. I'm a lone man. But like I said, I am disappointed. I was hoping for some more fairness or sypmathy to FB having in mind the lack of active (updated and managed often by the webmaster) FB portals and magazines. It feel to me that PCOPY is turning into a newsletter for a tight group of people who advertise and test each other products. But I'm most likely wrong and speak out of my frustration with the status of FB community. And probably with my inability to get online often. And to find a job. And...uh, never mind.
I thought PCOPY was a QB magazine.
No. It's a BASIC magazine.
I hope you don't mind. I intend to use this issue for the basis of one of my assignments- a magazine cover. You want me to email you a copy?
@Skyler: What comes for my writings at PCopy, youre free to use them in any way you want to. Articles, images, etc. by others are made by them and i only have permission to use those in PCopy so i cant say anything about them.

PCopy covers, atleast tries to, every BASIC dialect. There is over hundred of them. Any dialect is not more important than others. FB and QB are in same line than every other dialect.

I understand frustration of Lachie but i also know peoples who wonders why every tutorial this far is written in FB and other dialects has ignored totally. There is peoples who wonders why their favorite dialect is not mentioned in any way at all.

Collecting latest cool projects from QB/FB community is easy for person like Pete who had magazine for only these two dialects. Now we have full work to get atleast latest compiler updates from over 50 different compiler websites.
Same time there is nearly 50 abandoned and not updated compiler websites what we are tryin to follow do they come back alive or are they totally removed from web.

I cant give up of following whats happening with BASIC compiler A just to make sure that everything interesting around BASIC compiler B is included on next issue. Would that be unfair and against what reads at top of PCopy "PCOPY! covering all the BASICs...?

There is also still lots of poeples in these two communities who connects us to certain unpopular person and in hes actions eventho we have clearly statet that we dont have anything to do with him.
So number of contributions beside of few friends has been nearly in level zero. But we do believe that in time things gets easier.

And because of personel and real life changes, we havent organized so good yet. Now Hartnell follows few sites and lets us know if something is goin on there. Thats two bookmarks i can remove from my "check before next issue" list.

We also got two proofreaders who works to make our articles as in better english. That gives bit more time for us too.
Also new style is presented in next issue. Im 100% sure that 90% of readers is gona like it. Its a mixature of old and new.

I believe that step by step we are gettin better and better all the time. Creating an magazine that covers as many BASIC dialects as possible is a huge job. After every issue, we have more skills to do it and better "organization" there to help us.