Full Version: The FreeBASIC Standard C++ Library Port (fbstd)
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fbstd is a FreeBASIC port of the generic containers, iterators, algorithms and streams of the C++ Standard Library. For a detailed reference on what this library is attempting to provide, see C++ Reference [cplusplus.com].

Visit the official web page

Download the beta: Linux users must build from source for now, see ./README

View the latest source code online:

./README contains a brief overview of the library, and ./ISSUES has a list of known problems and possible workarounds. ./TODO has a list of things currently needing to be implemented/improved. There are also some demo programs in the ./examples directory.

This library is designed and built using the latest CVS (development) version of FreeBASIC (the compiler and runtime libraries). For more information on how to get and use this development version, see Compiling from CVS [freebasic.net], which has instructions on compiling the FreeBASIC sources as well as links to pre-compiled binaries, hosted by awesome community members Big Grin.
All standard generic algorithms implemented, changes in CVS.
What kind of GAs? I'm not familiar with the C++ standard library.
From the link in the first post:
std:Confusedet and std::multiset generic associative containers implemented, changes in CVS.
std::map and std::multimap generic associative containers implemented (fbstd.Map and fbstd.MultiMap), changes in CVS.
First beta release, official website. First post updated. Smile