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QB Express #23 - August 2007 - Pete - 08-14-2007

Our August issue, QB Express #23, is now available!

This month's edition is absolutely gigantic, with ELEVEN tutorials and one of our biggest News / Gallery sections ever.  This month, Lachie Dazdarian teaches you all about angles; Stoves fills us in on Speed Equalization in FB; learn how to make a Chess, Tic-Tac-Toe or Cellular Automata program; Stylin brings us three tutorials; MystikShadows wraps up his seven-part Professional Software Development series; and more.

We also have our biggest comics section yet; "Confessions of a Game Designer" by Lachie D.; a Gallery that features seven different games...and finally, an update on the Qlympics!

It's all right here, in QB Express #23!

Re: QB Express #23 - August 2007 - Radical Raccoon - 08-14-2007

Sweet! Cool issue. Big Grin

I was hoping to get my article in before this, but I'll submit it for next month's issue.

Re: QB Express #23 - August 2007 - wildcard - 08-14-2007

Great issue, good to see QBE back to form. I've only managed to read a fraction of it already but hope to get a chance to read the rest soon.  Keep up the good work, congrats to all invovled.

Re: QB Express #23 - August 2007 - Dav - 08-14-2007

Hi Pete. I've only skimmed over it so far, but I can already see that it's full of good info, as usual!  I'll enjoy reading it later today.

Looks like there's an unclosed tag somewhere in the WHERE DOES VERSION 1.0 REALLY END: area, leaving the rest of it bolding going where no mag has gone before. (*ducks*).

EDIT: I viewed the source, It''s not an unclosed tag, but an extra '<' in the 'Customers And Users Ask For Many' section, making my IE to ignore the follwing </b>.   <Maybe

Re: QB Express #23 - August 2007 - Pete - 08-14-2007

Fixed!  Thanks for the heads up, Dav.  Smile That error didn't show up in Firefox.

On a side note, I think that QB Express renders better in IE than Firefox. The text looks sharper, and it seems like there's more overall contrast (perhaps because IE renders the text a bit bolder than FF?).  It's still not enough to make me switch browsers, though.

Re: QB Express #23 - August 2007 - Dr_Davenstein - 08-15-2007

Nice issue, Pete. I enjoy reading other programmer's ideas on techniques that interest me. Smile