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It's back? - Skyler - 12-07-2008

Whoa... I was just looking through the "FB Links" page on Pete's site and noticed the QBasicNews forum was still on there. Feeling bored, I clicked the link, and...

It's still here!

Last I remembered it had died with a random thread on aliens or something like that. Now it has a slick new interface. Cool. Smile

I might come back more often now.


My avatar is still here. I'd almost forgotten about it. XD

Re: It's back? - wildcard - 12-07-2008

Welcome back. Unfortunatley there has been some crazy time in the past passed it's good to see old face/names come back. I wonder what happened to the Doc.

Re: It's back? - Neo - 12-10-2008

Welcome back Skyler holograph Smile It's become pretty empty here with the passing of time though.

Its back - D.slert - 11-13-2009

Welcome back bro Yeah MM is great site and its only going to get better.. take advantage of the special promotion that is going on there right now.