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Re: Oldies still around? - Torahteen - 07-30-2013

I had to join in... god I miss this place (kind of, had its ups and down of course). Been 8 years now, so long ago now :o

Re: Oldies still around? - Kevin_theprogrammer - 08-15-2013

Hey dudes

It's been a long time. I remember when I would come home and look forward to seeing all the new posts here. It was a joy to learn how to program with you and share all the little moments in general discussion and such.

I don't program BASIC anymore but I can't say that I cared for any other community more than this one. Lots of feels as I went down this thread.

Thanks for all the great years

Re: Oldies still around? - Sterling Christensen - 12-17-2013

Wow, nice to see so many familiar usernames. I have very fond memories of this forum Smile

Re: Oldies still around? - pr0gger - 05-05-2014

Stopped in on a whim today. So many memories here.

Re: Oldies still around? - Zap - 05-14-2014

Wow, so, apparently I just randomly guessed the password for my account. Yay! Big Grin

Do people still hang out with old qb'ers anywhere? I noticed lachie and dr_d posting in the same facebook thread today, haha! Twitter maybe, anyone? I'm @runemoennike but I don't have much interesting to say.

Re: Oldies still around? - Jocke The Beast - 05-29-2014

2 more years passed...
Hi Zap  ;D
Hi all.

Re: Oldies still around? - Dr_Davenstein - 06-10-2014

Hi!  Big Grin

Re: Oldies still around? - Optimus - 07-04-2014

Sometimes I regret I found the qbasic community too late. I never lived the years where it was thriving(when was that I am not sure). I logged in the net at 1998 first time, searching for how to make EXE with qbasic. And then I was amazed that people do so great things in qbasic, games, wolfenstein engine, 3d and 2d demoscene effects. At the same time I discovered about the demoscene and was halfly occupied by qbasic (and later a bit freebasic) and halfly trying to learn C. Meanwhile, most qbasic forums I found started to become dead, I didn't hear much releases, or somehow a sign that there is enough life. Maybe someone is still making a Qbasic project in the dark. The feeling inspires me. Maybe I'll open one of my retro PCs and install Qbasic and try something. Maybe..

Re: Oldies still around? - anarky - 09-04-2014

Couple of years on, have relocated, new partner, new life. Haven't typed code for ages. A bunch of friends and I are looking at building a multiplayer rougelike but with a story.

That's all we have right now... haha!

Life is good. I should do more than waste my life watching porn and playing Minecraft. Big Grin


Re: Oldies still around? - Pete - 12-24-2015

Pete Berg (Pete's QB Site) checking in. Smile

Who's still around?