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QB64 V0.872 released - wildcard - 04-27-2010

QB64 Version 0.872 (April 16th) has been released with the following updates:

- QB64 compiler/ide source code released!  (.bas file located in download in qb64\source\ folder)
- Implemented REDIM _PRESERVE array-name(...)
(QB64 uses _PRESERVE to dynamically scale itself and can now compile even larger programs)
- New commands added to control/automate the desktop
i=_SCREENIMAGE 'creates a new image of the desktop (always a 32-bit image, don't forget to free it later)
_SCREENCLICK x,y 'simulates a left mouse click on your desktop at x,y
_SCREENPRINT "hello" 'simulates typing on your keyboard
- Multiple instances of QB64 can be run at the same time
- If an exe file is in use, the QB64 IDE will build filename(2).exe, or filename(3).exe etc.
- Further improvements to file LOCKing & error system
- Many bugs/incompatibilities fixed

For more information and to download visit http://www.qb64.net/forum/index.php?topic=870.0