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QB64 V0.91 is released (source code too!) - Dav - 08-12-2010

The QB64 project is moving right along with a new release!  This new version includes an update feature that updates the compiler package when new files are added/changed.  It comes with a "classic" Qbasic looking IDE made in QB64 and SOURCE CODE IS INCLUDED!  

The project has a growing community of active & helful Qbasic fans and a decent wiki. Most Qbasic/QB BAS code will compile with QB64.

For details on this release and for a QB64 download just go here:

- Dav

Re: QB64 V0.91 is released (source code too!) - Dav - 08-22-2010

There's already been another update to this project.  A few fixes & additions have been made.  The below info is taken from the www.qb64.net site:

-The DATA folder (and its contents) are no longer required. You may delete them when/if you wish.
-Various bugs & incompatibilites addressed [http://www.qb64.net/forum/index.php?board=3.0]
-Improved syntax checking
-Removed blank pixel lines occurring between box drawing characters when using .TTF fonts
-FILES command implemented

- Dav

Re: QB64 V0.91 is released (source code too!) - burger2227 - 09-02-2010

DON'T delete that DATA folder unless you want to recompile the older programs again.

The latest version is better without having that data folder trailing along. Put the QB64 dll files in the System32 folder and you'll be able to run your programs anywhere!

Hi Dav,