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Windows 7 and Quickbasic - GordonSweet - 03-16-2013

Has anyone else had this probelm with Windows 7 and 32 bit of course and found the solution?

I can compile BAS files OK and run the EXE file OK providing it is still on the same Quickbasic directory. But if I copy the EXE files anywhere else I get a warning    Input run-time module path:    waiiting for me to enter something. Using and compilign under Dosboxe makes no difference, and the problem does not happen under dear old Windows XP with another PC.

On both PCs the paths under Options are the same, and the files in exactly the same folders.

Re: Windows 7 and Quickbasic - GordonSweet - 03-17-2013

I found the answer.

For some strange reason when I compile an  EXE using Win 7 it asks if I want to use BRUN45.exe. So if I do not untick the button, any EXE file created cannot find BFRUB45 if it is not in the same folder.

Though on another PC with dear old Win XP it does not ask if I want to use BRUN45, and in fact if I remove BRUN45.EXE and BRUN45.LIB from the QB45 folder it does not need it as it complies OK.

Re: Windows 7 and Quickbasic - Dav - 06-28-2013

Glad you got it worked out.  When selecting "Make EXE file..." from the the RUN menu, make sure to always select the "Stand-alone EXE file" option to make EXE's that don't need the BRUN.  If you DON'T see that stand-alone option there, then turn on "Full menus" under the OPTIONS menu and you should get it every time.

- Dav