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Qbasic history - Optimus - 07-04-2014

I am wondering, are there any old articles/pages talking about the history of qbasic scene, when the communities were formed, what were the highlights of each year, and all that? I do remember reading one such article about 3d graphics in quickbasic, describing some early years I didn't know (like first triangle rasterizer at 1992 running on 286 at good speed)  and later years with demos or game engines I remember and was impressed. Now I am curious about the same for games that were highlights of the year, maybe some stories, the QB is long dead and forgotten and it will make me happy to read some old or newer articles describing how was the community during earlier or later years.

Re: Qbasic history - Pete - 12-24-2015

The best historical record are the QBasic zines...

I have an archive of most of the older ones here: