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Link idea for FAQ - Agamemnus - 08-15-2003

Here's an idea inspired by the 3D roleplaying game "Morrowind":

For each page in the FAQ, there should be one or more (a few, not a lot!!) unique (more-or-less) keywords.

Each week, the keywords of new pages are added to the "keyword list". Every keyword in the list would have a corresponding links page that lists every page with that keyword.

New pages are scanned and every plaintext word (non-code, non-quote..) that is also a keyword is replaced by a hypertext link to that keyword page. If there is only one link in the page, the mechanism re-routes you to the singular link automatically.

Old pages are re-scanned and any new words from new pages are added in.

ONE more thing: I really liked how the keywords in Morrowind were light blue but WITHOUT UNDERLINES!!! PLEASE, no UNDERLINES!!! AAAARGH!!! (they were also BOLD)

Smile :bounce: :king:

Link idea for FAQ - Moneo - 08-15-2003

AGA, I think that's a great idea. The indexing method reminds me of an IBM system back in the 1960's called KWIC (Key Word In Context) which we used for documentation of large systems. Using modern techniques like hypertext links would be a great improvement.

Link idea for FAQ - oracle - 08-16-2003

I can solve the underline problem:

a:link {text-decoration: none; font-weight: bold;}

As for actually implementing the system, well Hex made it but he's MIA.