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Themes - oracle - 12-06-2003

OK sir, would you want a grey theme with that? :lol:

Themes - red_Marvin - 12-06-2003

What does it take to make a theme, Making graphics?
Or is it a lot of coding included?

Is it possible to take an existing theme and just redo the graphics?

Themes - pr0gger - 12-06-2003

I think it's just editing graphics, and some tinkering with the heading-include page.. I wouldn't know.

Themes - oracle - 12-06-2003

It takes quite a bit of effort... I can change images and colours only, but it's still a wee bit of effort, especially if there's lotsa mods that need their template pages redone...

Well then, let's here your ideas! potato wants it fast, anything else I should consider?

Themes - TheBigBasicQ - 12-10-2003

You dont need to make a custom one. There are lotsa good skins out there =)

Themes - oracle - 12-11-2003

And one has been installed, and also toonski has said they are boring. So I'll do a custom one anyway Tongue

Anything else I should consider? I've only got the design break "blazingly efficient"...

Themes - TheBigBasicQ - 12-11-2003

Yeah it has to be very lite and more importantly bright since many people whom i have met like bright pages than dark.