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Chaser - Oinkerwinkle - 05-04-2002

I'm almost done with Chaser. Download it at:


The Readme explains it.


Chaser - BlueKeyboard - 05-04-2002

I think the game is cool, and the sounds in the game is good too.
The menu sound is good, but it would be cooler if it was a little click each time a letter is printed on the screen, instead of just a long sound while printing the letters on the screen.

The Text Sound - Oinkerwinkle - 05-04-2002

OK, I changed it. I didn't realize that the duration of a SOUND statelment didn't need to be an integer.

Also, did you watch the credits? They are the newest thing.

Chaser - BlueKeyboard - 05-04-2002

Yeah I've watched it, it's cool Smile.
I have a suggestion for the game, you could add a freeze special.
The player that gets affected by it freezes for 1 second or something, so the player must hurry while the other player is freezed.If it's three players, the one with smallest amount of energy, could freeze.

Chaser - Zmisk - 05-04-2002

Glad your back Oinkerwinkle, it's been a while. I almost thought you had left for good, glad your back! Well it looks like you've really made some progress since the last version, excellent! The maps and everything are very good and the computer's challenging.

One thing thing you could add the option to turn the sound on or off if some people find it annoying. And maybe you should make the player go back to the main menu when pressing escape.

Besides those things I think this game doesn't need much changes, well maybe some new maps and specials. And by the way, thanks for the credits Big Grin !

Chaser - meritmonster - 05-04-2002

I think you should use MULTIKEY, I can help with it if you want... Smile

Chaser - Zmisk - 05-04-2002

Yes I also think you should use Multikey or another keyboard handler, it would make the gameplay more smooth.

Replies - Oinkerwinkle - 05-04-2002

The reason I was gone for so long was that I had the old forum bookmarked and was going there instead of here. I was wondering why no one was posting anymore....

The something similar to the freeze thing is already in... Speed Drain.

I'll add the option for sound off/on. Should it be a key you press in-game, or should I make a menu option for it?

If anyone can explain Multikey it would be nice.

Chaser - meritmonster - 05-04-2002

Im working on something to explain multikey now...

Memory Overflow - Oinkerwinkle - 05-04-2002

Gak! I tried to compile and it said 1 Severe Warning - Program Memory Overflow.

:oops: :-? Cry Sad