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Ok People... - aetherfox - 09-13-2002


I currently was made admin here at QBNews, and I was wondering about changing some stuff, namely the emoticons.

Now I know the emoticons are fine, but how about a little change?

If the voting goes in favour of change, I will figure out a set or two and run another poll on the sets. If you have any good sets that you want to contribute, then go ahead an PM/Mail me. I am also open for questions!


Ok People... - red_Marvin - 09-13-2002

Oh I'm the first vote hehe

What about adding some more emoticons (personal funny themes etc)

Mooooore EMOTICONS hahahahaha ahem (just going mad for a while)

Ok People... - BlueKeyboard - 09-13-2002

You forgot 1 option Wink:
I like them, but I wouldn't mind if they were changed

Ok People... - na_th_an - 09-13-2002

I've posted to change them, but I am meaning that I want more. I like current emoticons, but I want MORE MORE MORE :barf:

Ok People... - aetherfox - 09-13-2002

Could you be more specific? I don't know how to add MORE emoticons, I'll have to talk to wildcard bout that, but neway...I can change some of the current ones. What if I make them bigger? What if I change them to the MSN Messenger ones? What if I add some others? I'll go into the admin panel and try figure out how to change the emoticons...

Ok People... - aetherfox - 09-13-2002

Ok i was wondering around the admin section and I figured out how to ADD emoticons and stuff, so tell me what you want. If you could give me a list that would be great, and if you want to use a emoticon set then tell me and i will see it. (haha took me like 3 minutes to figure it out...)

Ok People... - na_th_an - 09-13-2002

Nope. MSN emoticons look like rubbish. I like this "pixeley" look. And the size is OK. If you don't know how to add, just leave them how they are... Can I change my vote :grin: HAHAH Big Grin

Ok People... - aetherfox - 09-13-2002

i DO know how to add (now) so what, do you want any current ones removed? or just added? anyway, i will probably be making them myself...i downloaded the forum smilypack and will edit off those as a template. anyway i was thinking:
  • mad smiley
    and some more

anyway tell me what u think

Ok People... - red_Marvin - 09-14-2002

If you go to the bottom of this very screen
(by the way how do you use the word "very" in such ocaccions
as now?)
There is a link to the phBB group they have loads of emoticons
somewhere on their site.

Ok People... - na_th_an - 09-14-2002

I have one smilie shooting to another one.
Don't remove any of them. Just add.

You can search the web and rip the other forums. I can help. THere are tons of really cool smilies in other forums. :rotfl: :barf: :bounce: :rotfl: :barf: :bounce: :barf: :rotfl: :bounce: :barf: :rotfl: :rotfl: :barf: :rotfl: :barf: :bounce: :barf: :rotfl: