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Testing - Zack - 02-26-2004

Will this really make you guys less lazy? Tongue

Testing - oracle - 02-26-2004

I hope so Wink

Unfortunately, this news showed up on the home page, so I'm gonna have to play some more Wink

Testing - Zack - 02-26-2004

Ah, showed up even before you cleared it?
[edit]And it's showing me the message I got when I initially submitted it...when I reply to this message.

Testing - oracle - 02-26-2004

What do you mean by that?

Testing - oracle - 02-26-2004

Z!re: yes, but not yet, I have to get someone else to sort out the home page.

Testing - Z!re - 02-26-2004

Ok... Well, it looks good =)

Testing - Zack - 02-26-2004

Okay, you added my submission to "QBNews". Then you replied, saying "I hope so...etc.". See? Your post up there. But then I replied to you, *in this thread*, and it gave me that same message "the moderator will review your submission and decide...etc.".

Testing - oracle - 02-27-2004

... but it was posted. I didn't have to authorise your post Wink

So perhaps that's a problem with the way I've set it up. Anyway, unless I can change it, you can ignore that message on replies Smile