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Post Problem - Mech1031 - 05-13-2004

Some posts do not show up on my computer until hours (or even days) after. I'm not talking about my posts, i'm talking about other peoples. Example: I reply to a topic, come back the next day, and my reply has 5 posts before it and the reply becomes confusing. Has anyone else had this problem?

Post Problem - Z!re - 05-13-2004

Check so your browser always get's the latest version of the site you are visiting, some browser only use their cahed sites (if they exist) and update like, once a week/day when you visit.

My IE did this, annoying=true, I changed it so that it always downloads the new site, and shows it, regardless if there is a cache or not.

Post Problem - KiZ - 05-13-2004

Wow that would be darn annoying =P I dont have any problems, but I use FireFox.