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How much? - _Bill_ - 05-04-2002

Just out of curiosity?

How much? - Rokkuman - 06-27-2003

Not too much... it can totally kill the realism of a game... (^_^)

How much? - seph - 06-27-2003

I voted Quake 3 simply because I love Quake 2.

Got milk?

How much? - oracle - 06-27-2003

Where are the middle options?
Quake 2
Quake 3
Soldier of Fortune

How much? - Hexadecimal Disaster - 06-28-2003

You forgot to mention the "Soldier of Fortune" saga. That game was expressly designed to mutilate and dismember enemies.

I voted... er... *gah*, I forgot it. Tongue

How much? - oracle - 06-28-2003

There, happy now? :wink:

How much? - _Bill_ - 06-29-2003

Umm this post is from before a 1337 hax0r screwed up the site. And there were two other choices. They were something to the effect to "A little bit" and "Quite a bit"

How much? - Rokkuman - 06-29-2003

Yeah I know, I was just giving it some respect cause it looked kinda lonely and all...