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TBN tut compo - Rhiannon - 07-09-2004

The tut compo is slowly but surely underway. Don't fret, as there is plenty of time to enter and submit your tuts. 5 tuts have been submitted so far for the compo. The compo ends on July 30th (may be extended upon request). The prizes include hosting, domains and moderador status, so come on by today! You can find out more by visiting TBN's tut forum at this link: http://basicnetwork.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=251

Good luck!

TBN tut compo - Rhiannon - 07-29-2004

The tut compo has been extended til August 15th. I really liked the tuts that were submitted so far, so I'm giving everyone more time to submit theirs. Smile