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Semerkoala QB. New QB Forum. - barok - 07-28-2004

barok Wrote:The only good reason i see to start up a new qb site is to archive your work and show it off.

Rel's Genso's Junkyard is a great example.

Err, I have a *forum* now. :*)

Big Grin

Did i say it didn't? :wink:

Semerkoala QB. New QB Forum. - Rhiannon - 07-28-2004

The herp collector program looks interesting. Smile

Semerkoala QB. New QB Forum. - tv_3 - 08-25-2004

you know i was just reading the qbasic mag great stuff keep up the good work.but i can't understand why a new community is not excepted .what are the alternatives come here and get flamed for being a newb or go some where and be excepted.yes flamed i do read the post's .and most are flamed for asking certain questions.
i think we do need more new qb communitys the peaple here have been here for a very long time and forget when they started and new nothing i think every one should take a look at this..
just my opinion and yes i am fairly new to qb and iam more comfortable on a new forum than an old more established site.

Semerkoala QB. New QB Forum. - KiZ - 08-26-2004

tv_3, we have seen SO many new Qb forums. 70% of them just fail at life, doomed to get a total post count of 16, (14 of which were posted to start off all the new forums by the webmaster). The problem is, there are too many, and if people want to create a new forum, they really need more, as fling said, "unique features. " Plus, there are just too little QB programmers to be spread across all communities.

You really need to have been here quite a long time to understand and agree with us.