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Quick reply mod... - TheBigBasicQ - 03-03-2005

This may have been suggested earlier but I wanna suggest it anyway. Could the admins install the quick reply mod? It's really convenient for those who dont have fast connections since you dont need to wait for a new page to load Wink.

Quick reply mod... - Anonymous - 04-10-2005


never saw this b4

i agree

Quick reply mod... - KiZ - 04-10-2005


I think the exact post reply was:

Quote:The answer is still No.

But for different reasons: Quick Reply encourages stupid posts for one. At least with posting on a seperate screen you have to load it first.

I strongly disagree with installing this mod, unless the amount of rubbish one-liners around here decreases. And I think the majority of members here would agree with that sentiment.

Quick reply mod... - Anonymous - 04-10-2005

meh. (like that? -.-)