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QBColony Update - wildcard - 04-13-2003

QBColony has updated with 1 review and one... manual...

QBColony Update - Rokkuman - 04-13-2003

oops, I forgot the www... make that http://www.qbcolony.tk.

QBColony Update - Zack - 04-14-2003

Erm...aren't wildcard and Megaman different people...?

QBColony Update - Rokkuman - 04-14-2003

Yeah, but when I clicked the submit news thing, I guess wildcard copies the text that goes with all of it, and just reposts it under his name. I was the one who actually wrote the text though.

QBColony Update - Hexadecimal Disaster - 04-14-2003

Mega, please note that both adresses are perfectly legal in this case. Just check it out by yourself.

About your article, I suspect that you were heavily influenced by Sphere Fighter, right? Almost every point of that game was covered, with some exceptions on the AI area, 'cuz it was allowed to use special attacks. Still on a random basis, that's it.

BTW, why the changes in the site design? Too difficult to mantain for you?

QBColony Update - Rokkuman - 04-14-2003

Oh, silly me, I just didn't wait long enough for the page to load last time... *slaps himslef*

Nah, I had a lot of QB Fighting games in mind while I was making that thing. And about the design change... BINGO!

QBColony Update - Hexadecimal Disaster - 04-14-2003

[Image: biglaugh.gif]

These things happen...