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Plantasy Studios Website - Zap - 03-29-2005

The website for Plantasy Studios is now open: http://plantasy.darkwizard.org/

It includes information and downloads for our projects, which include:

* FieldView (used to be MOoRPG) (http://plantasy.darkwizard.org/fieldview/).
* The HTT-rix webserver (http://plantasy.darkwizard.org/htt-rix/).
* TPK - A file packing utility for use with games, with compression capabilities (http://plantasy.darkwizard.org/tpk/).
* MemProcs which adds alot of memory handling functions to fb (http://plantasy.darkwizard.org/memprocs/).
* A freebasic md5 implementation by Neo (http://plantasy.darkwizard.org/md5/).

On the site you will also find screenshots and news about the FieldView engine, aswell as Z!re's, mine, and the other guys' and gals' developer blogs.

Plantasy Studios Website - relsoft - 03-30-2005

Screenies of Fieldview rocks!!!!

Plantasy Studios Website - MystikShadows - 03-30-2005

Yeah pretty good stuff that field view :-)....And the website ain't bad at all...I like it. :-)