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Art Challenge - j2krei08 - 11-18-2005

Make an abstract image using Macromedia Fireworks 2004.

-You can only use ONE VECTOR CIRCLEin your image.
-You can use a maximum of THREE effects on it.
-Morph it, shape it anyway you want, but only one circle.
-Any color or size
-No text, again only one circle

Any questions?
Voting will be in one week.

Art Challenge - Kylemc - 11-18-2005

Does it have to be done in Fireworks 2004? I've got Studio MX.

Art Challenge - Kevin_theprogrammer - 11-18-2005

How about Fireworks 8?

Art Challenge - j2krei08 - 11-18-2005

Yeah, i guess.

just make a png that is compatible.

Art Challenge - Mr Match - 11-19-2005

sweet, an art challenge that I can actually do Big Grin :lol:

Art Challenge - tannervp - 12-02-2005

here ya go:

[Image: 12008-r.png]

Art Challenge - Mr Match - 12-02-2005

[Image: sphere.png]

d= Big Grin =b

Art Challenge - j2krei08 - 12-05-2005

Here's mine! :lol:
[Image: Mine.png]

This is more of what I was looking for...

Art Challenge - j2krei08 - 12-12-2005

Are there any other entries?

Art Challenge - Nemesis - 12-13-2005

Quote:Are there any other entries?

Not after you last creation...

Loved it!