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Mouse only challenge! - na_th_an - 11-28-2005

Oh! C'mon! Don't give hints :lol:

Mouse only challenge! - Z!re - 11-28-2005


Mouse only challenge! - KiZ - 11-28-2005

mIRC Wrote:PING?

You use mIRC?

noob. :D

Mouse only challenge! - na_th_an - 11-28-2005

Yeah, pitty you Z!re, you should be using pure commandline access from linux. It's not so hard, when you have to send a message you just have to configure the irc.conf, restart the irc daemon, and check the irc.log file for incoming messages. Sometimes it doesn't flush well, but the version on CVS has this corrected. Just donwload it, recompile the linux kernel to add support for ding-a-ching-a-doos and you're set.

Mouse only challenge! - KiZ - 11-28-2005

nathan, you forgot that it is likely her modem drivers dont even support the IRC protocol.

In that case she might consider switching distros to phliux0rs 023.03.20031

note the revision number, however, later revisions removed support for that modem.

Mouse only challenge! - na_th_an - 11-28-2005

You're right, dumb me. :lol:

Mouse only challenge! - Xerol - 12-01-2005

So where do we submit these? I'm about 3 hours from finishing.

Mouse only challenge! - Z!re - 12-03-2005

Upload somewhere (http://fileanchor.com for example) then send me a PM with the link (We dont want any cheating now, do we?)

Mouse only challenge! - TheDarkJay - 12-04-2005

I'm in and already submitted my entry

Mouse only challenge! - Z!re - 12-04-2005

TDJ, your entry doesent work.. well, it runs but i doubt it's the desired behavoir Tongue