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QBXL newyears competition - SJ Zero - 12-31-2005

Got nothing to do over the new years weekend? QBXL is holding a game development competition. All languages are allowed to enter.

The theme is "A twist on a classic game".

Official forum for the compo is http://forum.qbxl.net
Offical chat channel is #qbxlcompo on efnet.

No need to "enter" as such, just drop off a link to your final entry on the qbxl forums.

QBXL newyears competition - SJ Zero - 01-02-2006

Well, we got two entries finished.

Head over to http://forum.qbxl.net/ to see them, and to vote on which one you think is the best!

QBXL newyears competition - marzecTM - 01-02-2006

what sj said or else!