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The MGC - speedlemon - 12-31-2005

The challenge is make a game that takes up smallest space possible on the screen. Here is an example in case you don't understand me.

Download MiniPong.zip

I am probably going to make at least one more and spend more time on it. Well I'm looking forward to what some of you create.

There is no line, but please make a post if you plan on joining, so I have a feel on how many prizes I should make.

The MGC - Dr_Davenstein - 12-31-2005

1 line of text... :lol:

'Compile with -s gui ;)
#Include "fbgfx.bi"

Option Explicit
ScreenRes 24,8
Randomize Timer
Dim As Integer Win_Col, c_Col, Last_Key
Dim As String In

Win_Col = Int(Rnd*255)

    c_Col=(c_Col+1) MOD 255
    Locate 1,1
    Print Ltrim$(Str$(c_Col))
    If Multikey(Sc_Space) Then
        If Last_Key<>Sc_Space Then
            Last_Key = Sc_Space
            If c_Col = Win_Col Then
                Exit do
            End If
        End If
        Last_Key = -1
    End If
Loop Until  Multikey(Sc_Escape)

The MGC - speedlemon - 01-01-2006

Nice job. I couldn't figure out what to do though. But it looks like it could be pretty fun once I get used to it.

The MGC - Dr_Davenstein - 01-01-2006

At the beginning, a random number from 0 to 255 is chosen. It then runs in a loop, counting from 0 to 255. If you press the space bar at the moment the counter equals the first random number, you win! :lol:

The MGC - speedlemon - 01-01-2006

That's a good and creative idea for a small game. I will play it again now I think I have the hang of the rules.

Anyone else plan on entering?

The MGC - anarky - 01-03-2006

I actually made something similar to this a few years ago but lost it in the last major system failure I had... It was called "Wheel" and was like roulette. You chose a number and bet an amount of money. The wheel spun, and if it landed on a number you chose (between 1 and 10) you doubled your wager. Or else you lost it.

I was thinking some time back "should I make it again?" Then decided against it...