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Well... - Hexadecimal Disaster - 01-27-2003

It seems that poll-type topics were the only ones capable to survive the attack. Sole survivors... kinda sad.

OK. This forum needs heavy repopulation, so I'll post this sketch here. Not much to do with QB anyways, (maybe a little; see the footnote) but since we need to make look here more inhabited...

A little sketch of Genjyo Sanzo, character from Kazuya Minekura's Gensomaden Saiyuki:

[Image: sanzo.jpg]

PD1: Made using two lead pencils (HB and 2B), some free time, a boring afternoon and my CDPlayer with some Dream Theater...
PD2: Nice and funny series. Recommended.
PD3: Yeeeeeep. It was made specially for Rel's Junkyard. (that's the only fact linking this sketch with QB) [Image: biglaugh.gif]
PD4: Make yourself a favor: visit Genso's Junkyard and grab Storm Caliber. Just that. [Image: icon16.gif]

3:10 am here. See ya!

Well... - na_th_an - 01-27-2003

Well, I'll also post my art:

[Image: 2002-06-26-n.gif]

This picture explains how to bite your own palate (roof of the mouth). I hope this is useful for you as it is for me. It is taken from my homepage.

Well... - ak00ma - 01-27-2003

Hey na_th_an. Thanx for this description. I've always wanted to know how I can bite my own palate.

Well... - Hexadecimal Disaster - 01-27-2003

Afortunadamente no me has enseñado a morderme los ojos. ¡Gracias Nathan! [Image: eek7.gif]

Well... - toonski84 - 01-28-2003

hexidecimal: sweet. i wish i could draw and shade that cleanly. do you have any non-anime drawings?

nathan: this oughta shut up the idiots who say "nothing is not worth learning"

Well... - relsoft - 01-28-2003


On second thought.... What am I doing here?