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The FreeBasic Report website release. - syn9 - 01-06-2007

for all the FB fans in the house, there is a new freebasic related news website/zine online at:

for information about the site, please visit:

please come check us out. we hope to see your contributions in the near future.


to quote eclipzer:
The FreeBASIC Report is a user-content driven online magazine for the FreeBASIC community. Simply put, we now have a means to quickly and easily showcase our contributions to the FB Community. Whatever your forte, be it games, demos, tutorials, comics, rants, or articles, FBR supports it.

The beautiful thing about FBR is that the whole process is automated. You submit your content, and it takes care of the rest. Unlike previous zines, there's no waiting and wondering for issues to release. So long as there are people contributing to the mag, it will continue to grow.

Finally, FBR's focus is on community and as such supports a host of features, such as user icons, link icons, download links and reference links to promote this. FBR is also included in the FB Top 50. Essentially, if you're looking to promote your FB related knowledge, product or project, FBR will play a huge role in quickly realizing that aim.

The FreeBasic Report website release. - Mr Match - 01-07-2007

The site's design kicks major ass. 8)

The FreeBasic Report website release. - zoasterboy - 01-07-2007

Nice site! Nows my chance to realy get into FB.