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Dove Pre-alpha release - wallace - 01-31-2007

I have coded enough of my new GUI Dove to post a demo of it. It runs real executable programs written in FreeBasic so it is one of the fastest, if not the fastest GUI every written in QB/FB. Comes with 2 demo programs (plus a screensaver and primative error handler.) Source code for all 4 programs are included.

www.freewebs.com/wallacesoftware/doveos.htm - download is at the bottom, below the screenshots.

Let me know what you think of the GUI and the screenshots.

Dove Pre-alpha release - MystikShadows - 02-01-2007

Wow wallace...this is very impressive stuff. The design is about as cool as it can get.

Amazing work.

Dove Pre-alpha release - zoasterboy - 02-02-2007

Wow! Very nice! Im working on a GUI currently myself. Its not so flashy though.

Dove Pre-alpha release - Dav - 02-02-2007

Looks great. Sounds awesome.

Dove Pre-alpha release - Skyler - 02-02-2007

I can't get it to work. It says it needs Wallace Software's Dove.

Dove Pre-alpha release - wallace - 02-04-2007

The Dove programs write that out to the ternimal in case someone tries to run them without Dove. If it didn't go to full screen then it crashed on startup. It crashed because I named the temp files illegal names and that has since been fixed and the Alpha release will be much more stable.

Dove Pre-alpha release - Kylemc - 02-04-2007

It ran, and what I saw looked impressive, but when I tried to move a window I got the message Skyler did.

Dove Pre-alpha release - zoasterboy - 02-08-2007


Dove Pre-alpha release - Skyler - 02-19-2007

It gets to a light blue screen with a cursor, then it crashes and gives me that message and a standard XP error reporting window.