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Intro effect challenge - red_Marvin - 02-21-2007

This is an entry to Skyler's challenge challenge.
It might however be disqualified because of that the idea isn't really original and a similar one was posted sometime ago by xteraco here:
but it is still a challenge nevertheless.


Most if not all commercial games flashes the company logo and/or name when the game is started, your task is to create a similar effect but with your name/nick/custom image/game name/something else that may fit in here.

The competition will run for two weeks and the winner is to be decided by voting.

- The code has to be portable.
- Enter by posting the source of your entry or in case you use external files a link to a common (linux and windows) archive. Alternatively PM me if you want keep the contents secret for as long the compo runs.
- Supply the commandline parameters for compiling and your compiler version.
- CVS code is ok, (I can supply linux binaries for any linux user that doesn't run CVS - If the need arises it would be nice if someone could do the same for windows.)

Intro effect challenge - Skyler - 02-21-2007

It'll count. It just has to be new, not necessarily original.

Intro effect challenge - Z!re - 02-21-2007

Spaming fucks

Intro effect challenge - Skyler - 02-21-2007

I'm entering the contest. My code's not finished yet, but when it is, I'll post it.