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PCOPY! Issue #40 now available. - MystikShadows - 03-16-2007

PCopy! #40 presents: new .css file and some real cool contributions.

Regular Columns:
From Our Editing Desk
Submitting to PCOPY!
Letters To The Editors
Quote Of The Month
In The News
Exit Issue

Special Corners:
The Useless Corner
Contest : The Dumbest Game

Reviews And Presentations:
Introducing Yabasic
Introductory Article On XBLite
About thinBasic
Epic Crusade

A piece of history: Star Trek Game
The Evolution Of BASIC

Programming Simulation Games
Basic4GL Tutorial: Tile Maps
Introduction to the FreeBasic Extended Types
Simulating Polymorphic Methods...
FreeBASIC File/Folder Management

Contributors: MystikShadows, E.K. Virtanen, Hartnell, Richard D. Clark, Guy (gl) Lonné, Eros Olmi, Linkage, Jare