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CHARSET - phycowelder - 03-18-2007

howdy all! i was just taking a break from doing some art!
thought id share what I'm doing!
I'm actually quite proud of these!

well here it is!
[Image: 93315-r.bmp]

CHARSET - Anonymous - 03-18-2007

I'm loving the oldskool.

CHARSET - phycowelder - 03-18-2007

me to! im a huge TILE FAN!

CHARSET - Mech1031 - 03-19-2007


Even though what you've done is good, you have to give credit where credit is due. All the animations, Skeletal designs, and even the faces were taken directly from this site. There's nothing wrong with it, you simply need to label your sources rightly.

(i know i'm a freakin hypocrite Tongue)

CHARSET - phycowelder - 03-19-2007

true enough! i did get a basic body template frome them!
and midifed sizes for my purpose!
here is my basic template i use!

[Image: 93345-r.bmp]

CHARSET - anarky - 03-27-2007

Nice. Then you'd make clothes and hair templates.

Nice start for a character designer! Big Grin

CHARSET - phycowelder - 03-27-2007

i have a basic outline for each i use as a middle layer in PSP 9.0
but i hand paint them all 4 now!