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SPIDER, a new FreeBasic GUI - MPNQB - 05-28-2007

If anyone has used a QB GUI before, they've probably seen my name. I was the creator of EnSpireMe, a QB GUI I've since discontinued. However, I'm working on a new FreeBasic GUI called SPIDER. You can read about it at my site.


I'm posting here because I'd like to take some suggestions and input from the QB/FB community. I figured I could make a better GUI if I get some input. So, if you have anything you'd like to see in SPIDER, tell me.

SPIDER, a new FreeBasic GUI - zoasterboy - 06-02-2007

Sounds cool. I want to see a shell included that immitates the syntax of a Bash Unix shell. Ive always wanted to have a simple portable Unix shell that I can take along with me. Ive been working on one myself, its hard stuff. When will you have a beta out?