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Mouse only challenge!
The challenge:
Make a game that use only the mouse for input

The rules:
Must be made in FB (or QB)
Mouse is the only input allowed
Mouse movement ONLY (Meaning no clicks to affect gameplay)
To enter you must make a zip containing all needed files, DLL's and gfx, as well as the source and a compiled binary for windows.

The time:
This contest will go on until one week before the next QB Express, which should mean roughly sometime around the 8th of december

Ready? Set!? Go go go!
It is allowed to have pause keys, or various other menu and option settings being turned off and on with any key or mousebutton you want.

However, once ingame, you should only be able to:
Quit/Bring up the menu
is there a limit on how many entries one person can submit?
[Image: freebasic.png]
Im in
Quote:is there a limit on how many entries one person can submit?
Nope, no limits, as long as each entry follow the rules you can make hundreds of them Tongue
can i do one in c++?
[Image: yagl1.png]
Nope! :lol:

Hey, why no clickety? Not even one? :???:
Shave the eyebrows!
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Quote:Hey, why no clickety? Not even one? :???:
No clicketys, not even one. (Ingame that is, you can have lots of clicketys in menus and crap)
this sounds fun. im in
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