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The QBasic Games Directory updates (after 6 months)!
The QBasic Games Directory is back!

The latest update includes 10 new entries, including SV Reanimator's Cyclone and several less know but interesting games. Also, for few old entries the scores have been changed.

The project will now be regularly maintained, and you can expect several equally sized updates in the next few months.

Other news. The forum link now redirects to the proper forum. Apologizes to those who visited the old forum when it was already abandoned.

Please support us (by visit the site and sending feedback).
Bad idea to release it so late lachie.

Everyone is dead now. :evil:
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I'm not dead! I think...
Quote:I'm not dead! I think...
Not quite. You're undead.
Technically, I never was alive in the first place.
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With being down/expired, and VPlanet not being updated, this is practically the only place featuring a noteworthy archive of QB games on the net.

Show more respect.
I love you.

Juusssst kidddiiiingggg. But realy, this is a great directory. Good work! *Pats on back* *Pats on back again a bit harder this time.* *Stops* *Walks away.*
Posting here becuase I'm not sure if I PM'd correctly.
The following files are missing:

Much lower then before.
b]Hard Rock[/b]
[The Stars Dev Company] [Metal Qb flopped] [The Terror]
Stop Double Posts!
Whats better? HTML or Variables?
Much lower than before?

Anyway, thanks for keeping track of this. The site is really bumped down on my priority list. Hopefuly this will change.

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