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QB Express #25 needs submissions!
We haven't received nearly as many submissions as we were hoping for, so the deadline has been extended a few days!

You can now submit articles for QB Express #25 up until Sunday, October 7th.

What kinds of stuff do we really need, you ask?  Well, as always, newsbriefs.  We also don't have any game reviews or interesting editorials...our articles section is a bit lacking.

Also, we have yet to find a game to feature in the gallery, so if you've got something you'd like to show off (and have pics to prove it), send it in!

Of couse, anything else would be cool as well -- we'd love anything you want to submit!  Just send your stuff in to:
Pete's QB Site:

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QB Express #25 needs submissions! - by Pete - 09-19-2007, 06:23 PM
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