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QB64 Demo v0.79r (Qbasic syntax Compiler) Released
The QB64 compiler project is moving right along, and Galleon has released yet another update to this exciting "Qbasic compatible" compiler project.

This release introduces some long awaited features to QB64, such as mouse support and user defined types.  Much of Qbasic commands & functions are already fully implemented.

Galleon also reports a "Significant progress made in regards to resource usage(hogging)/memory required(0.79 uses ~70% less) and thread/speed management."

For a download link and to read the complete release information, read Galleons post at the official QB64 forum here:
QB64 Demo v0.79r

Currently only a Windows version of QB64 is available for download. 

The QB64 project now has a home of its own:

- Dav

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