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A suggestion to the webmasters
Thanks first for the great job and the top quality of this QB place!

After a few weeks here, I thought telling you about a fine concept that would help making this site better again (since the concept is not from me, there is no risk I would "show off" :lol: )

These forums are dedicated to programming... that means we have, from time to time, to show pieces of code in the posts. That's fine for a few lines, but when someone needs to post a complete routine, of even a complete program, the regular post system is not really suitable.

Well, let's get to the point. I'm french, so I'm a regular member of the junior equivalent of qbasicnews forums, which is called "Les Progboards". This website is a multiforum place, that deals not only with QB, but also other languages and OS's.

The webmasters are minors or young adults, but they are real prog wizards. They have "invented" something called "The Wall", where the members can post long pieces of code without messing up the forums themselves. The codes are automatically deleted after two weeks, because the wall is not a programs database (this also exists, on another french site,, where people can suggest progs that are tested and rated by the other visitors).

Well facts now: the URL is
the webmasters are M@x ( and PolyPrograms (

I think the best thing to do is to have a visit there, and to ask them if they don't mind seeing the wall concept exported... I think they would be very proud of that, but I cannot answer on their behalf! A credit mention may also be welcome, of course...
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A suggestion to the webmasters - by wildcard - 03-21-2003, 08:02 PM
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