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Needed: Writer
i need someone to help me write my llittle game im working on

It is an IF game that uses some minor graphics

VERY brief synopsis:


It takes place 45 years after the earth in invaded and just about wiped out by the Vindros a reptillian race of Galaxy conquering aliens.

Since the Vindros invaded there are many new "intellegent" lifeforms on earth that pop in from time to time. Some are hostile to humans and some are sympathetic and helpful.

Humans are now very scarce and hunted. This game is the story of ones man(or woman's) Quest to drive them away and rebuild what the humans have lost.

I welcome comedy and encourage it this (game will be my little tribute to HHGTTG )

Infrastructure is crumbled and in some places non-existant.
Technology is crude but Modern (NO factories,mass transite etc but you may find a gun here and there maybe a car with gas)

What i need:

HELP writing the story, room descriptions , Item creation, Dialogue. Basically Content... there i said it. I have about 20 rooms laid out and half a dozen items. (yes there is combat, kind of like a MUD really) .

You know the menial tasks, im having so much fun programming i want to flesh everything out before i start on the Content.

More detail will be given to those interested. If any!

the engine is not "working" as anyone besides me is concerned (im embarassed about my code!)

Feek free to tell me how stupid my idea is and how Lame i am... i welcome the abuse... and ... to be dreadfully honest.. rather enjoy it (Thank you sir may i have another!)
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