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PCopy! #30
I'm kinda disappointed with the last two issues. I think it's obvious now that you are not giving FreeBASIC products the deserved attention (at least in your utilities/games articles and news brief). Nothing on Antiman and Star Cage in the last two numbers. So I'm giving up on your mag. Not that this will mean anything to you. I'm a lone man. But like I said, I am disappointed. I was hoping for some more fairness or sypmathy to FB having in mind the lack of active (updated and managed often by the webmaster) FB portals and magazines. It feel to me that PCOPY is turning into a newsletter for a tight group of people who advertise and test each other products. But I'm most likely wrong and speak out of my frustration with the status of FB community. And probably with my inability to get online often. And to find a job. And...uh, never mind.

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