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wikiFAQ contents changed (graphics section)
I just finished the reworking the graphics section organization of the FAQ.

*Everything is categorized into two main parts:
"Graphics modes" and "Graphics concepts". Thus, each FAQ entry is listed twice.

*Both the individual "graphics modes" and the entire "graphics concepts" sections are further categorized into 3 parts: "graphics primitives", "more complex graphics techniques", and "other graphics stuff".

*I added a specific naming convention for all FAQ entries:
For specific screen modes: [topic]InScreen[screen number]
For general topics: [topic]General
For library-specific topics: [topic]In[library name]

*Don't worry, I didn't delete anything, just changed entry names or moved to different sections of the FAQ. (at least I'm 99.99% sure about that..) The only thing I moved out of the graphics section entirely is Glenn's SVGA mouse code. (into the InputDevicesTopics section of the FAQ.)
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