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wikiFAQ contents changed (graphics section)


Say you have a file in the FAQ:

All About Texas
TexanIndependence - How, when, and why Texas became independent from Mexico.
QBProgrammersInTexas - All qb programmers in Texas.
FoodsInTexas - What kind of food they have in Texas.

So, imagine that it is a really long list. Now, instead of doing that, each file that mentions Texas will have a tag in the tax list: "texas". Now, I could do this:

All About Texas
[select tag="texas" OR file="*inTexas"]

Ok, so that's a bit redundant, but what it does is:
It lists all files with "texas" (non case-sensitive) as a tag and "*inTexas" as a filename, plus their descriptions (like "What kind of food they have in Texas"). The OR makes it so that repetitive files aren't shown.
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