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Semerkoala QB. New QB Forum.
To all of you who replied from during this news topic:

I *totally* agree with all of you wholeheartedly. ^_^ You know why, guys? Because simply put, I believe that starting out with a real, quality, content-rich QB website is a far cry from just beginning your website journey with a forum-only one, you understand what I am saying?

Take a site called Pete’s QBasic/QuickBASIC Site, for instance. That site was made successful in the fact that it originally had *honest and to-the-point* QB-related reviews, downloads, and news and other goodies, even the “QBasic Dance” thrown in as a little something extra! And, guess what? Ever since it has been recently resurrected from the graveyard of dead QB websites, it became ALL-OUT AWESOME even more in terms of how popularly successful it very truly is, mainly due to the thing enabling us all now an opportunity to send our own QB-related stuff including downloads, news, and other information, all in addition to what it already had from the beginning on and more! Plus, it is updated on a regular basis, too!! Big Grin ! Now all of these are perfect examples of the key ingredients needed to make a spectactularly superb QBasic/QuickBASIC-based website, let me tell you for sure!!! ;*) !

On the other hand, if you start out with a forum-only website (or an “Under Construction”-based one) and then show it to the public, then apparently, strong chances are that not only will you most likely not have many visitors, but also your piece of the web might just wind up with a big-time failure written all over it ( Cry ! ), which is something that you’d NEVER even want to have happen, believe me.

Bottom line: if you are gonna begin your own website journey in QB at all, I’d go indeed for a more complete and content-rich QBasic/QuickBASIC website. Period and that is it. That way, you’d have a potential shot at reeling in your visitors! Wink And hey, if your site gets pretty popular, you can then add a forum, if you want to.

Once again, I agree with *all* of you. And be catching you again. :king: !


Adigun Azikiwe Polack
One of the Founders of “Aura Flow”
Continuing Developer of “Frantic Journey”
Current Developer of “Star Angelic Slugger”
Webmaster of the “AAP Official Projects Squad”

A A P • O F F I C I A L • P R O J E C T S • S Q U A D .
Be sure to please pay a visit to it! While you are there, watch for new and exciting stuff to happen anytime and even regularly, too!! Big Grin !

And finally, do stop by at the all-new “QB Coder’s Tutorials Guild” within my site for all 4 chapters of Relsoft’s current 3D tutorial series plus the showing you of how to submit your own QuickBASIC/QBasic tutorials!! ^_- !
url=][Image: file.php?id=194][/url]
Your *official* home of the FreeBasic GFX Demo Central, now holding over 150 FB graphics demos so far!!! Big Grin !

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