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Semerkoala QB. New QB Forum.
I support anyone who decides to make their own QB site / forum / etc.... we need growth in the QB community, innovation, new blood. I'm glad that Semerkoala's trying his hand at creating a new site, even if it is based on a forum. If he works on it diligently for long enough, it will undoubtedly become something great.

Now I'd like to point out something about Semerkoala's forum that you might not have noticed if you didn't look closely: it's not just an empty forum meant for discussion. Semerkoala's using it more as an automatic content-management script, instead of creating a site based on HTML pages. Each "item" that he adds to his site is its own post, whether it's a tutorial, a program, a link, etc. This strategy also opens up the site to some unique possibilities, like automatic user commenting, searching, and sorting items based on various criteria. This format has proven successful at other QB sites like (which is a great site, I may add).

Now I have to agree with you all that right now, Semerkoala's site has nothing original to offer, and is hardly in need of a forum. But I don't think of this so much as a discussion forum, but as a standard QB site that's based on a forum.

Tek of NeoZones once posted on the last version of NeoZones before it disappeared: "Back in the day, a good recipe for [a QBasic site] was rather simple. A laundry list of downloadable files, links, tutorials, questions and answers, the infamous discussion forum, and some other goodies. Stir a user system in to the mix, sprinkle with the ever pervasive link to the top-sites list, and decorate with a couple webrings. You've got yourself a formula for success. And don't forget about your RPG that's in the works, either."

If you look at Semerkoala's site, it's following the "laundry list" recipe for a QB's just based entirely on a forum. So cut him some slack.

All beginning QB sites start with almost no visitors... for the first month of Pete's QBasic Site, I think I got less than 100 hits. Pigeon's GBGames site took a few months of daily updates to pass 200 hits (I was checking the site out on the other day). But it was regular updates and devotion that made my site and GBGames thrive. The same is true for V Planet!, which took a long time with regular updates before it became popular.

Think of this site as a standard HTML site, and think of Semerkoala as the webmaster rather than the admin. If he keeps working on his site and adds content regularly, (expecially UNIQUE content), it can become a worthwhile site and a valuable resource. Who knows, Semerkoala QB could evolve into the next
Pete's QB Site:

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