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My TinyPTC Extension Library (WARNING: LARGE IMAGES)
I've been working on porting this sucker since last night, since it will drive all three of LSS' RPGs. Anyways, it took a bit of hacking to shreds, but I finally got the bitmapped font routines working, which also means that I got the BMP importers working. Here's a screenie, featuring one of my favorite females:
[Image: fb-tinyptc-bmploader.png]
Thus far, it has two blitters, line/ellipse/pset/multiple box primitives, the BMP importer (works with 24, 8, and 4 BPP RGB images), and the font blitter (currently only supports fixed-size 16x16 bitmapped this one from Two Lords, for example hehehe). Of course, it can also do the essentials like CLS and "Get". If anyone wants this library after it's finished, gimme a holler. It'll also have a raycaster, alpha blended versions of all blitters and primitives, and multiple image file format support.Big Grin
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.

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