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My TinyPTC Extension Library (WARNING: LARGE IMAGES)
When you registered at the forum, theres a big sign saying that you have to be aware that forum may contain images and languages not suitable for minors, so you have to be 13 or more, or have a written thingy from your parents thingy.

You have joined and checked that you were 13 or above, without talking to your parents.

Shortly: You're fucked, we can post all the porn we want, you don't have a saying.

This is not to say we SHOULD post more porn.. although the world would prolly be a better place if we had some more nudity, and less fear for sexual interaction.

And nice lib Nek, gonna check it out tomorrow, or the day after that Big Grin

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My TinyPTC Extension Library (WARNING: LARGE IMAGES) - by Z!re - 12-09-2004, 03:58 AM
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