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Anyone interested in making a text adventure as a group?
OK, Resident Evil starts out with the main character waking up in a shower and not remembering anything, a special ops team arrives and finds her (the main character; Alice) and another person in the building. they enter what's called, the Hive, which is a secret underground facility which contains the Umbrella Corporation's (An extremely large entity which supposedly makes products used all over the world) most secret experiments, by an underground train. Alice begins to remember some things. She's told that she works for the Umbrella Corporation and was supposed to help keep the entrance to the Hive secret. The main reason why the special ops team arrived was to disable the Red Queen(The facility's AI) which went homicidal killing all of the workers inside. Most of the special ops team is killed by Red Queen's defenses. They eventually shut down Red Queen and the power is lost in the facility. The power is rebooted and all the doors open automatically. With all the doors open, Zombies and stuff start appearing. Later on she find that someone had broken a tube containing a new biological weapon, a virus....called the T-Virus, which is causing all of this. When everyone became infected, Red Queen killed them all to prevent an epidemic. The workers came back to life due to the virus as zombies. That's the basic story, if you want, I'll give you more details like the ending.

What I was going to use was Market Basket instead of the Umbrella Corporation (I hate Market Basket) with more or less the same kind of story, maybe with a humorous twist or whatever. But I'll let you guys decide.
Not yet Snake! It's not over yet!

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Anyone interested in making a text adventure as a group? - by Anonymous - 10-26-2005, 05:34 AM
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