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Anyone interested in making a text adventure as a group?
Quote:On another note, I hate AOL with a passion, it gives me a worst connection then I get normally even when using the FireFox web browser.

You completely missed thegrogen's point with that.

Anyway, there is a lot wrong with your grammar and spelling. It seems that actually you haven't created one post without spelling errors (due to your hurrying to post maybe) and that annoys some folks (myself included). Take the extra time if necessary to spell check your posts or to go back over them so you can see if you've made mistakes. Stay away from using "u" instead of "you" as I'm pretty sure that's against one of the internet commandments now. If not, it should be.

Also, the rate you're post it does appear to many people that you're trying to increase your post count (you attempted to explain it in your last post but I have no idea what you said as you threw words in some crazy formation that made no sense at all grammatically). If you're going to speak on a topic, don't just add some thought that isn't really relevent or doesn't fit with the topic, actually contribute something meaningful to it. Please.
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Anyone interested in making a text adventure as a group? - by Sumo Jo - 12-08-2005, 07:24 PM

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