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Anyone interested in making a text adventure as a group?
Quote:Well if you were to go and check my "paint program, help needed" topic, which is my most serious topic, you will see that I just spent about 5 minutes fixing spelling mistakes on the 1st post which is the main post that contains my code. Again I am sorry for any disrespect I have caused, or people I have offended in any way. Oh and also, about my name being in every topic as the newest post, sorry. But once I see a new post in a topic I've posted in, I urge to see the new post and get a post in. It's an instinct I guess, but I could be like some people and ask a question, then never check back for answers

We don't care if you don't check back for answers. Our problem is you posting in a thread, just to post. Not to give feedback or to help. By the way, is it so hard to press the SHIFT key?

Congrats on spending the whole 5 minutes to fix your spelling errors. But wouldn't it have been nice to just pay attention to what you are writing, and spelled everything right in the first place? Is it too hard on your fingers or what? If you only have an hour, then only post in the topics that you have time to write an organized, helpful response in. Alright? We are not asking you to chop off your arm.

Oh, and I'm not buying this BS that you only have "like an hour to be on the internet", considering the amount of posts you make a day. I bet I'm on twice as much as Sumo, and I always see your posts. I'm on 8 to 10 times a day.
quote="Deleter"]judging gameplay, you can adaquately compare quake 4 with pong[/quote]

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